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6 Ways to get Huge Discounts!

By Fashionkicks | 02 August 2022 | 459 views | 1 Comments

Send these screenshots to the account, you will GET a Huge Discount for your next order



1& 2 Review us on Instagram
Follow Instagram @fk_trends
Make a fashionkicks products review via POST or REELS by using hashtag #fashionkicks and mentioning the account that you follow

Make a photos post, you will Get 12% OFF for your next order
Make a video post/ REELS, you will Get 15% OFF for your next order
Instagram Guideline: https://youtu.be/5TLn8TAQa5A?t=113


3 Review us on TIKTOK
Follow TikTok account, Comment& like @fashionkickslover1 
Post a review video of fashionkicks's products tag the account that you follow and use hashtag #fashionkicks

Make a TikTok video review, you will Get 15% OFF for your next order
TikTok Guideline: https://youtu.be/5TLn8TAQa5A


4 Review us on YOUTUBE
Subscribe to YouTube Chanel @By Fashionkicks
Make a fashionkicks's item review Shorts video using hashtag #fashionkicks

Make a YouTube Short review, you will Get 15% OFF for your next order
YouTube Short Guideline: https://youtu.be/5TLn8TAQa5A?t=69


5 Review us on REDDIT
Join our Reddit community fashionkicks
Make an honest post on Reddit community FashionReps OR Repsneakers

Make a Reddit review, you will Get 16% OFF for your next order


6 Recommend to your friends or family
Recommend to your friends or family and if they place an order, you will get 15% OFF for your next order!

October 15,2022 15:59
Me gustaría obtener descuentos para las próximas compras y ya realizado uno y voy a seguir comprando y quería saber cómo puedo conseguir un máximo descuento gracias
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